How BBW Dating Made My Love Myself

I am a big girl, lets make no bones about that. I’m 270lb and 5ft5. I’ve heard it all before, how girls like me are smelly, dirty, can’t get a guy etc etc. This is so not true. I take care to dress up well and use beauty treatments and guys do show interest in me. The big change for me though, was finding and joining LargeFriends which is a site for those specifically looking for BBW dating . (That’s Big, Beautiful Women if you were wondering!)
The reason I date exclusively with guys I meet online is that although I’d meet guys IRL, they were often attracted by my bubbly personality more than my looks and they’d make a big deal about not being able to go to the beach because of my body, or ordering me “diet food” on dates. They meant well, but it hurt. I am no one’s pity date!

A girlfriend told me about BBW dating and showed me a few websites, LargeFriends was the one that clicked for me and I joined, put up some honest pictures of me and wrote out my profile. I had a deluge of guys message me!! They loved my body and for the first time in my life I felt like a sexy girl.
I learnt that many guys (many CUTE guys!) LOVE bbw dating, they adore the fuller figure of a big woman, and they find it sexy. All the things I disliked about my body were a huge turn on to the guys who messaged me, they loved my full, bouncy boobs, my big round belly and my huge behind. I soon learned to feel confident in my body and started to dress to accentuate my features rather than hide them.
It made all the difference in the world to me to find that men actually find me sexy as well as attractive as a person. No girl, whatever her size, wants to be the personality girl, we want to be sensual women too and BBW dating opened by eyes up to that.. now I revel in my sexuality and my body and instead of shame and embarrassment, I feel pride. There is something magical about dating guys who love your big, curvy body and it made me come out of my shell. bikini body? HA! I own four bikinis now and I wear them with pride. I eat out on dates and eat what I want. Shallow men might only go for skinny women, but any real man will be turned on my confidence, and I have that now. I have sexy bedroom outfits. I have all the fun that skinny girls do. And it’s thanks to the amazing crop of dating sites that cater to men who love large women!